Successful Seed & Objectives


Rex is excited to announce we closed our seed round Sunday! The capital will facilitate development, grow marketing, and provide essential resources for team expansion.

Rex’s objectives over the next nine months:

1. Token Distribution: We are finalizing revisions to the token distribution model. The REX token supply has been adjusted to reflect community feedback obtained in August and September. Details will be released soon with Rex’s updated white paper.

2. Team Members: Rex is hiring and expanding the team. Specifically, we are interviewing developers that specialize in Solidity, Go, JavaScript and design.

3. Technology: We were impressed with several dapp presentations at Devcon 2 and look forward to collaborating with at least two that compliment Rex’s infrastructure. Specifically, we look forward to exploring uPort for identity and Swarm for data distribution.

4. Design: Rex’s user base will be brokers, landlords, buyers, sellers and cryto enthusiasts. It’s our goal to be one of the first Ethereum dapps to on board mainstream users. To do so, we are innovating heavily on the user experience and creating a unique, intuitive layout that users can navigate seamlessly.

5. Promotion: We’ve attended several real estate conferences in the last six months which has lead to phenomenal exposure for Rex. We have identified key conferences all over the world where we can continue to educate the real estate industry on Rex and its underlying technologies.

6. Partnerships: We’re firm believers that every great product starts with a great team. Rex is exploring partnerships in the brokerage, title, finance and technology communities.
Surrounding Rex with a global, experienced network of advisors will provide a balanced set of expertise, wisdom, and experience.

7. Token Sale: Rex will host a community-based Token Sale late second quarter/early third quarter 2017. Token Specifics, including supply and distribution, will be released soon.

We recently attended MetaProp, a commercial real estate technology conference in New York City. Blockchain was a curious topic amongst attendees. We spoke to brokers, government officials and developers who recognize it’s potential but remain skeptical about its real-life applicability. Thus far, Ethereum has little exposure in PropTech. Through Rex’s continued pitch, we feel privileged to introduce the benefits of Ethereum and some of the data distribution protocols such as IPFS.

Rex is starting to receive extraordinary support from the real estate community. We look forward to releasing the first global, decentralized multiple listing service and real estate smart contract application built on top of the Ethereum protocol!

If you are interested in joining the core team and being apart of the future of real estate, data, and technology, please email us:


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