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After the concluding talk – The Ethereum Foundation

IMG_5451Devon 2 was a massive success. Rex had the opportunity to meet members of the Ethereum community to discuss key topics as they relate to the future of the ecosystem.

First, we would like to thank the Ethereum Foundation for hosting such a fantastic event. Everyone did a tremendous job, and China is a fascinating country. Next, as many of you know, data distribution is a fundamental component of Rex’s infrastructure. We’re thrilled to of met Juan and Jeremy from IPFS and want to congratulate the IPFS team on their continued success!

We are humbled by all those that approached us with their enthusiasm and excitement for Rex!

We’re back at our keyboards hard at work. First, revising the token distribution model. Next, refining the RexDex and implementing a streamlined user experience. Finally, building a pristine user interface that will simplify the process in which our users interact with cryptocurrency and tokenization.

We are in talks with several seed investors whose contributions will accelerate development and provide key partnerships for global expansion.

If you have a passion Ethereum, blockchain + data distribution and are looking to take part in the future of real estate, please email us!


-Go/Solidity developer

-UI/UX guru (css/html/java script)

Thank you for your continued support and a terrific time in Shanghai!



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