Launch Announcements


The REX team would like to take this opportunity to announce what we have done, where we are now and where we are going:

October 2016 -> April 2017

Since Devcon 2, REX assembled a talented front end team to help build a modern, intuitive user interface. Design is 99% complete. It will take approximately 5-7 weeks to finalize frontend/backend integration. We recently translated RexCore (the heart of REX) from C# to Golang which greatly improved speed and reliability. The conversion grants access to Go’s vast library of open source software and provides closer integration with the go-ethereum codebase. We are on schedule to assimilate the above by mid April, at which point an 8 week testing phase will begin.

Ariel Property Advisors will be the first brokerage firm in the world to list on REX. Ariel Property Advisors will play an integral role in the testing phase. In addition, REX is holding discussions with several of the top brokerage firms in the US and China. REX’s goal is to form strategic alliances with these and several others around the world.

May 2017 –> July 2017

In May, REX is attending RECon in Las Vegas then AREC in Brisbane, Australia. The team will introduce REX, provide demo’s and announce launch dates.

REX Alpha will launch in early July. The REX Tokensale will begin shortly after (mid-July). The REX Tokensale will serve two vital purposes:

1. Distribute REX tokens to users. Following the tokensale, users can use REX tokens to access certain features on platform.
2. Provide the financial resources to fund development, marketing and team expansion.

July 2017 -> January 2019

Phase 1 (REX 1.0) will launch in December 2017. Phase 1 entails the full release of the global multiple listing service catering to both the commercial and residential industries. We will be working on Phase 2 (REX 2.0, Advanced Filtration) simultaneously to Phase 1, which will be an ongoing process throughout the project. Starting in early 2018, REX will begin development on Phase 3 (REX 3.0, Financial Processes). Finally, towards the end of 2018, REX will begin testing Phase 4 (REX 4.0, Tokenized Ownership).

As mentioned above, the REX Tokensale will begin in July. Details on the tokensale will be announced in late April/early May.

Please find a demonstration of Phase 1 (Global Multiple Listing Service) here

Information on REX, the team, white paper and contacts can be found here (including Slack/Gitter)

We will continue to provide periodic updates via the REX blog that will include:
-Partnership announcements
-Development updates
-REX Tokensale updates

Lastly, in support of the community and EF, REX will donate the first 6 months of tx fee’s to the Ethereum Foundation (assuming they’re amenable).

We are grateful for the support and look forward to continued contributions toward the ecosystem.


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